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We are Bill and Monica.

We met in 2017 at a dance evening (modern jive is one of our passions) and we’ve been together ever since. We are both keen members of our local running club and we regularly volunteer at our local parkrun.
We also love cycling (especially if there is a pub stop involved). In June 2021 we cycled the King Alfred’s Way, which is a cycling route around what would have been King Alfred’s kingdom. Before setting off, Monica designed some lovely t-shirts for us which really made us stand out from the crowds. Lots of people saw the t-shirts and stopped us on the way round to ask about the cycle route so we decided to order a batch of the t-shirts and sell them to other cyclists doing the same route (scroll down and you’ll find them).
We also discovered how lovely walking can be during the covid lockdowns and this is why we decided to walk the Hadrian’s Wall path coast to coast which we did in six days in July 2021. Perhaps this was a bit too much like hard work but we really enjoyed it.
It's fair to say that we both really love being outside having fun with our friends and family.
Bill is a chartered accountant, and Monica is a software developer, but we both really enjoy the little business ventures that we have on the side. We have designed a range of formal shirts and also a range of running and cycling t-shirts, and we offer guided walks around the beautiful town of Guildford (Bill has lived in Guildford most of his life so it’s fair to say that there isn’t much about the town that he doesn’t know). And we are currently considering starting up a microbrewery, so watch this space!
We are lucky enough to say that we love where we live and what we do, and we look forward to seeing you if you are ever in Guildford.


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    £10 per person
  • 1 hour or 2 hours depending of the distance you want to cover

    £10 per person
  • Fun afternoon / evening pub crawl around Guildford

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    £10 / person / hour

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