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Bristol, anyone?

Updated: Apr 12

Bristol, here we come!

If you know us, you know that we love cycling. Since we went to all the places around Guildford from which we can come back in one day, we thought we can include a train in our journey this time and even stay overnight.

We took the train from Guildford, changed in Reading and arrived in Bristol midday where we can stayed over night and cycled to another place in the morning.

The weather is really good this July so we didn't need to pack much. If you think about travelling by train with your bike, you need yo think about booking it on the train. A really good advice which I received today is to go on X (Tweeter) and book your bikes on the train by adding @gwrsupport to your tweet. Worked like magic!

Anyway, we got to Bristol in the end, without any issues.

Find the end of river Avon which goes through Briston

No, maybe don't do it!

The river Avon flows into river Severn and then into the Celtic Sea, so we thought that it would be impressive to see this!

It was a lovely idea, but the reality was totally different.

We cycled for 10 miles from Bristol, just to find a dead-end.

And when I say a dead-end, it was a very strange place.

I think all my life I was so oblivious to these bad things happening around me. And maybe I didn't need to know. Or maybe I didn't want to know.

We got to this forgotten place, which is a port, where I see huge piles of rubbish. I turn around to ask Bill what is that?!

I was in shock at his answer. I couldn't comprehend the answer. Apparently, we are exporting our recycle to foreign countries. It's like saying it's not our problem anymore. I had no idea this happens in the UK! I don't want to go any further, my take from this is:

Re-use, Re-use, Re-use!

Come back via Clifton Suspension Bridge

Yes, do it!

Oh my world! That was impressive! What an amazing bridge. We read that it was build by our famous engineer Kingdom Brunel (what a name!) when he was only 24 years old. What were you doing in your 20s? I was not building bridges for sure! And after that he built the biggest ship in the world for years! How is this even possible??

Check in

Well, we do need to sleep somewhere tonight so after a bit of research, we found out that Ibis hotel will let us take the bikes in the room with us! Wow! OK, this is a first!

We don't need much in terms of accommodation, but knowing that our bikes are secure is a big thing! And they are! Totally recommended!

Go out and party!

Yes! This is the place to be if you want to have fun!

Bristol definitely doesn't disappoint when it comes to places to have a drink, eat, dance and even live music!

What a lively place! We've ended up in Pitcher and Piano bar for our dinner and I can tell you, my fish and chips was amazing! But there are so many places to eat, I wouldn't worry about booking in advance anywhere!

All in all, Bristol, you rock!

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