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Have fun with your hair

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

From Brown to Blonde to Orange

I didn’t know how to start this blog, or if it would be of any interest to anyone, but after a short reflection, I clicked: no, this blog is not for you, it’s for future me. And no, I don’t need to be serious about it, it will be an adventure.


I got this idea in my head last year, after watching The 5th element (I know, very old movie) that I want to dye my hair orange. Ok, so basically I want to have her hair:

Not to worry, I look nothing like her. She has blue lovely eyes and mine are brown, her skin is very white and mine is.. brown, my hair is dark brown (I think) and it has all sort of highlights in it.

The big question

Will I be able to obtain this colour on my hair? (ignore her length and the fringe!)

Ok, a more serious photo from the back:

Well, something will happen today! I’m ready for this challenge.

And now you’ll ask: why don’t you go to a hair salon?

The answer is simple: we are in lock-down and I don’t like to spend 5 hours talking non-sense with a lady (or a guy) who I have no desire to get to know. Ah, did I sound a bit harsh? Sorry, I think in this 5 months of lock-down I’ve lost all my soft skills.

Let’s get started!

What do I need?

  1. Coconut oil

  2. Bleaching kit (the one from the photo above)

  3. Orange dye (Crazy colour)

  4. A nice boyfriend willing to help (it will be hard to reach the hair at the back) and patience

Step 1 – apply coconut oil

I read on a few articles how amazing coconut oil is for your hair. I’ve started from last week to add it on my hair before going to sleep and washing it in the morning (I did it only 2 times). My hair is really soft and shinny.

One article here:

But more important, I’ve added it to my hair 2 hours ago. And I plan to leave it in for the bleaching process.

This is the coconut oil (yes, I use it for cooking too):

Step 2 – Ask your boyfriend to help

I know, not everyone lives with someone, but surely you have a friend who is willing to help so call him/her over.

Step 3 – Mix everything in the bleach kit and start applying it to your hair

I’m just going to do this now. I might take a photo or two.

I’m back. I’ve started the process at 17:20 and now it’s 19:54. Well, that included blow-drying and everything.

So, Mix everything in a bowl. Like this:

Don’t forget, take your time, mix everything properly. Start from the roots and from the front (this is what everyone can see) and after that call your boyfriend and move to the back.

I can’t lie, it’s not easy. You need to move really fast, otherwise you’ll have lots of different colours in your hair.

Step 3 – have a drink

Yes, it’s important to keep hydrated! I had my gloves on my hand, so boyfriend brought a straw (all bio, don’t you worry!)

Step 4 – Observe the hair, make sure you don’t lose it!

It is very important to keep an eye on the time. Because my hair is long and a lot of it, I realised that by the time I finished the front, 20 minutes have past so I had to consider that for the back. After 50 minutes, I rinsed the front and left the back to still develop. Again, my hair is not natural (only the first 30 centimetres so I was expecting different paterns, but I wasn’t expecting so much red.

Step 5 – Rinse and pray for the best!

Ok, all done. I rinsed everything with shampoo (for colored hair), conditioner and I’ve applied a 3 minutes treatment. Who is curious to see the result?

My plan, of course, was to add the orange color from Crazy Color:

But did I need it? Umm.. somehow no! The bleach worked like magic on my hair! The roots are white-ish and the rest is orange and all sort of shades. I’ve decided not to apply anything else because I actually really like what I see.


Really ready?

I was so scared..

I still can’t really recognise myself.

Ok, here we go:

Not too bad right?

Nothing else to say, I’ll just add this silly photo. I tried to recreate her amazing look but no success:

Ok, and one from the back:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Maybe don’t try it at home, in my case was pure luck!

Oh yes, and a note for my future self: please buy more bleach than you need! And move faster!

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